How To Make A Softball Bow

Many softball players face this crucial problem every game day, trying to find a bow that coordinates with their uniform. However there has been a solution to this tragedy. We have figured out a simple way to make our own bows so we can mix and match different ribbons to mach out uniforms. Bow making is really simple and relatively cheap.

The first step in making your own bow is finding the right size and colored ribbons. Depending on the size bow you want, you need to find the right sized width of the ribbon. Here are some of the bow to ribbon size:

Size bow:                    Ribbon width:                    Ribbon length:

4.5″                                    1 1/2″                                    24″

5″                                       1 1/2″                                    30″

6″                                       1 1/2″                                    36″

  After finding the right ribbon, you can start on the actual making of the bow. What you need to do is fold the ribbon in half and mark a line on it with a marker. Then you lay the ribbon down flat and fold it diagonally down so the point at where the two halves of the ribbon cross over are right underneath the line you drew. Once you do that you fold the right ribbon half down over the other and repeat with the left side. Next staple the to cross points on the bow.

  Next we need to sew some stitches to secure the ribbon into place.  Make one small stitch on the outside of the two staples and two long stitches in between the staples. After that you take the needle and scrunch the ribbon in it then pull the needle all the way through. Then you wrap the string around the middle of the bow about 3 to 4 times and pull the needle through.

  Finally you hot glue a smaller ribbon around the center and a clip or hair tie on the back of the bow. Now the bow is finished and you can wear your new bow around!

I got my information from my Brilliant Bowmaker book. You can find these books at This is a great book and its really easy to follow.

  ” Welcome to the creative art of bow making!  Not just for hair bows, but dozens of crafty creations.  The designs that you will be making can be worn by adults as well as children.  They can adorn a bag that you carry, be worn as a lapel pin, tucked into the open weave of a sweater, worn on shoes, clipped on hats, tied on gifts, backpacks, magnets, scrapbooks, used to identify your tote, easy home decor or just match each and every dress worn by a girl — of any age.”

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